Working Capital for M&A Transactions AND Becoming a More Agile and Effective Leader

The first portion of the webinar covers practical planning considerations in negotiating working capital targets as part of M&A transactions, sharing insights and real-world examples. It's presented by M&A attorney Robert Gorman with the law firm of Levun, Goodman & Cohen, LLP. The second portion of the webinar covers key practical steps that managers and practice area leaders can take to increase the motivation and retention of their staff. It's presented by Trisha Daho, an attorney and CPA, Principal at Empowered Leadership Cultivation and longtime friend of the Tax Forum.

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Choosing Between Sales and Redemptions of Partnership Interests: Why One or the Other?

In many "closely-held" partnerships where one partner is departing, and the acquirers effectively are going to be the other partners on a pro rata basis, the exit transaction often can be structured as either a sale or a redemption of the departing partner’s ownership interest. The economics generally can be the same; however, the tax differences to the exiting and continuing partners can be significantly different.

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S Corporation Basis: New Form 7203 & Related Shareholder Considerations

While S corporation shareholders have always been required to maintain stock and debt basis schedules to ensure proper passthrough reporting, the IRS has now formalized this responsibility with the requirement that, in many circumstances, new Form 7203 must be attached to a shareholder's 2021 Form 1040. Learn about this requirement, including the logistics and practical considerations that go into maintaining shareholder basis and preparing Form 7203.

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Personal Goodwill in M&A Transactions: Business, Structuring and Tax Considerations

Personal goodwill very often is an asset of the owner(s) of a business, rather than an asset of the business. With proper treatment and planning for the transfer of personal goodwill during - and before - the business sale transaction, selling shareholder(s) often can significantly reduce their tax liability.

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Going from C to S: The Critical Built-in Gains Planning

When moving your or your client’s business from a C corporation to an S corporation, there are many issues to consider.  One of the more critical and valuable (or costly) issues is the built-in gains tax.

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May 2021 ABA Tax Section Meeting Nuggets

The May 2021 meeting of the ABA Tax Section, traditionally held in a group live format in Washington, D.C. but presented virtually this year, is always good for a few announcements about topics of relevance. This year was no exception; here are two items of interest to flow-through tax professionals.

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Title: Two Topic Webinar - Working Capital for M&A Transactions AND Becoming a More Agile and Effective Leader.


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